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The Loom :: SXSW :: Interview

The Loom via Brooklyn

My friend Joanne lives in Dublin and she knows good music. She was kind enough to put me in touch with a band called The Loom who she is friends with from back in her days in South Bend. The Loom is now based in Brooklyn and they have developed quite a following and rightly so, they are making fantastic music. Take a listen.

The Loom- Song for the winter sun

“This year we will not sleep our way through the winter”

I was listening to this anthem driving down Lakeshore Drive the other morning with my coffee, feeling buzzed and I couldn’t help but drum along on the steering wheel to the the infectious drum beat. It inspired me to make the most out of the day. You can catch this Brooklyn group at one of their many shows down in Austin, TX for SXSW. Talking to John of The Loom the past few weeks I can tell he is very excited to show off their new songs from their soon to be released LP. With over 1,800 bands at SXSW, The Loom is at least one you cannot afford to miss.

I had a chance to ask John from The Loom a few questions…

HD:: Have you ever played at SXSW or in Austin before?
The Loom:: This will be our first time!

HD:: Have any of you ever had a Lone Star Beer?
The Loom:: I haven’t personally, but I’m excited to try one. We’re actually loaning out our gear as backline for one of the shows we’re playing and I’m told we’re getting several cases of Lone Star in return so it sounds like we’ll have the opportunity very soon.

HD:: The Loom is based in Brooklyn, where all have you guys toured so far?
The Loom:: So far we’ve played in Montreal, Boston, Philadelphia, and of course all over New York. That said we’re super excited to be playing eight shows in Austin next week and to start touring more and more extensively.

HD:: Do you have a favorite venue to play in Brooklyn?
The Loom:: I’d have to say its a tie between The Bell House and The Mercury Lounge. The folks that book both of those spaces are just incredible to work with, and the spaces themselves are amazing and the sound immaculate. We’d never miss an opportunity to play either.

HD:: The Loom has just finished recording a new LP do you have an expected release date?
The Loom:: Not at the moment, no, as we’re currently in the thick of trying to figure out how we’re going to release the album. That said, it will hopefully make its way into the world sooner than later!

HD:: What are the future plans for the band?
The Loom:: Once we release the record we plan to start touring touring touring. And then we’ll record the next record, which we’re already in the process of writing. And then more touring. And so on and so on, hopefully forever.

Best of luck to The Loom while they tear it up in Austin.
More on The Loom.

One comment on “The Loom :: SXSW :: Interview

  1. Joanne
    March 12, 2010

    shout out! woot! woot!

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