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Rock & Roll was never meant to be clever, it’s meant to be real

Canadian alt-country is how some would describe Ox, I am just going to say they rock it. Check out Miss Idaho.

Ox- Miss Idaho

Not bad huh? Their website here.

Excerpt from interview with Mark Browning of OX:

Hamilton View Weekly: Your lyrics to me always have a pensive, almost serious atmosphere. Can you comment on that?

Mark: i think it depends on the song- Awkward Beauty isnt that way, but, El Camino pt2 is. ‘Dust Bowl Revival’ is pretty much all that way. Lyrics are a bit of a word game to me- one line can be very direct, the next sets an atmosphere. there are lyrics on ‘American Lo Fi’ that are reflective- in that WHAT they say isnt important- but the attitude behind them reflects a state of mind that defines the song and ultimately, the record… Miss Idaho’s ‘sick of foo yung and, moo yoo guy pan… restaurants, laundromats… i’m on pawn…’ is that kind of idea. the serious atmosphere stuff is more direct writing- straight from my head. i try to be as direct as possible when i write that way- i’m not very into ‘poetic’ lyrics because i think they’re contrived- people dont talk in clever rhymes etc i dont think anyone is truly reached that way and i dont think that way so, why should my lyrics be that way. i’m not into impressing people with cleverness- i’m just trying to get things out of my head. rock & roll was never meant to be clever, it’s meant to be real. i’m more interested in doing that.

(this was reposted from 11/3/09)

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