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Aquarium Drunkard Presents- L’Aventure

On 6/22 L.A. based blog Aquarium Drunkard will release a compilation featuring L.A. bands covering Television‘s 1978 Adventure. Based on this sneak peek of the Local Natives track, these bands are doing it with eloquence.

Tracklist (album will be digitally released 6/22)

1. The Henry Clay People- Glory
2. Foreign Born- Days
3. The Happy Hollows- Foxhole
4. Local Natives- Careful

5. The Deadly Syndrome- Carried Away
6. Imaad Wasif- The Fire (ft. Lykke Li)
7. Dirt Dress- Ain’t That Nothin’
8. Growlers- The Dream’s Dream

The following is Q&A between Chris Parish and Justin Gage, founder of Aquarium Drunkard and Autumn Tone Records:

Harmon Drive: Why did you pick the band Television for this compilation, can you give us your connection?
Aquarium Drunkard: The first LA sampler I produced was 2009’s RAM On LA which consisted of 11 artists each covering a track off Paul McCartney‘s RAM album. The artists selected for that compilation, in one way or another, all fit the aesthetic of the source material. For l’aventure I wanted to focus on a different side of the current Los Angeles ‘sound’, one more rooted in post-punk. I’ve always loved Television‘s Adventure. Their debut, Marquee Moron, typically gets all the kudos, so this was my way of shedding a little light on its follow up.

Harmon Drive: The album Adventure came out in 1978, what were you doing in 78′?
Aquarium Drunkard: Let’s see — I was two and half years old. We were living in New Jersey while my dad was in graduate school at Columbia in NYC.

Harmon Drive: This is a digital only album, whats the price?
Aquarium Drunkard: Like RAM On LA, this too is free to download, though we encourage people to donate whatever they can to The Silverlake Music Conservatory via a paypal link that will go live with the release on June 22nd.

Harmon Drive: Can you tell me a bit about The Silverlake Conservatory of Music?
Aquarium Drunkard: It is based here in Los Angeles. I wanted this comp to benefit something that had to do with the enrichment of children’s art and music and they do just that.

Harmon Drive: You are an avid record collector, got any tips on where you have had the most luck finding some of your favorite records?
Aquarium Drunkard: My father’s collection. His interests were incredibly diverse. Also used record stores prior to vinyl becoming so “hip” again. 5-10 years ago you could find some amazing deals for under a few bucks.

–Be sure and drop by Aquarium Drunkard on 6/22 and scoop up this compilation and if you can, support The Silverlake Conservatory of Music.

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